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Internal Bleaching

Is your tooth dark and unsightly? Have you had an endodontic treatment on this dark tooth?

At NW Endodontics, we know that internal tooth bleaching can be a very effective method of lightening the appearance of those unsightly dark shadows on teeth with a history of trauma or had a previously root canal treatment.

The dark shade of the tooth can be lightened by a couple of in-chair bleaching treatments. This procedure involves creating a small access opening on the back of the tooth, the removal of any stained deposits, placement of a bleaching agent and then sealed with a temporary filling.

After a couple of visits a week apart, the shade of the tooth will be lightened, and the access opening can then be permanently sealed with a filling by your general dentist.

Clinical stages for Internal Bleaching

  1. Radiographic examination A radiograph (x-ray) is needed to make sure that the root canal filling is adequately sealed and also to ensure that the surrounding bone is in a healthy state.
  2. Preparation of an access cavity a small opening is made in the back of the tooth where the original root canal entered the pulp. The pulp space should be completely cleaned of debris and stain. The canal above the root canal filling is then cleaned and irrigated.
  3. Cervical seal (seal above the root canal filling) The top end of the root canal filling is then sealed in with a special cement to prevent the bleaching agent from leaking into the root canal filling. This serves a double seal of the root canal space.
  4. Application of the bleaching agent The bleaching agent is placed into the pulp chamber, covered with a cotton pellet and sealed in with a temporary adhesive restoration. A sound seal is required around the access cavity to prevent leakage of the bleaching agent into the mouth. The bleaching material is then left in place for 4 to 5 days. This procedure can be repeated once if the shade needs to be lighter after the first application.
  5. Permanent restoration Once the color change has been achieved, a permanent tooth color restoration (filling) will be placed into the access opening by your general dentist.

Internal bleaching is a conservative treatment option for lightening your tooth. Internal bleaching is sometimes used to lighten very dark teeth prior to placing a veneer or crown.

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